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  • Jewelry in Chrome | Plaid Broach
  • Black Watch Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • Hamilton Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • Buchanan Ancient Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • Buchanan Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • Stewart of Appin Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • MacPherson Red Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • Clark | Clergy Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
- Custom sewn kilts handmade to fit you.


   Our kilts are constructed from 10-13 ounce 100% wool. Our wool is spun with no chemical treatment. This single factor retains the natural "Lanolin" essential to the virgin yarn. Many customers have professed an *alergy to wool fabric, a modern urban complaint that wool is uncomfortable and scratchy is the primary cause for either angst.

*Any true alergy that exists in a small segment of the population would also be found in hand-lotion or cosmetics containing lanolin (the natural ingedient found in infant care products).

    "How can I keep my kilt like new?"
TIP: The older we get, the more your mother knows.
Care for the original condition of your new kilt is a simple solution. At the time your new kilt, wool plaid, or scarf need cleaning, we recommend hand washing in a gentle Fabric Wash containing NO bleach, oils, phosphates, or enzymes. Then hung to air dry.