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  2. Tartan Surname Ancestry
  • MacIntyre Ancient Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • MacIntyre Hunting Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Moffat Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Nichols Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Stewart of Appin Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • MacAulay Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Allendale Dress Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Leslie Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf

District Sept and fashion tartan collection.

Our kilts are constructed from 10 ounce 100% wool. Custom fit and hand sewn, to fit you -- in your choice of our 50 in stock tartans. We display the enduring men's modern kilt, but we can custom build your choice in the ladies pleated dance skirt or the formal ladies hostess skirt.

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MacIntyre Ancient Tartan Wool Kilt | Kilts for Men | Kilts for Ladies

| MacIntyre Ancient Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | MacIntyre Ancient Tartan Wool Scarf | MacIntyre Hunting Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | MacIntyre Hunting Tartan Wool Scarf | Moffat District Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | Moffat District Tartan Wool Scarf | Nichols • Nicolson Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | Nichols • Nicolson Tartan Wool Scarf | Stewart of Appin Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | Stewart of Appin Tartan Wool Scarf | MacAulay Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | MacAulay Tartan Wool Scarf | Allendale Dress Tartan Wool Fly Plaid | Allendale Dress Tartan Wool Scarf | Clan Leslie Tartan Wool |
- Custom sewn kilts handmade to fit you.