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  2. Tartan Surname Ancestry
  • Hamilton Grey Fashion Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf
  • MacIntyre Hunting Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Moffat Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Nichols Tartan Scarf
  • Stewart of Appin Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • MacAulay Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Allendale Dress Tartan Plaid Scarf
  • Leslie Tartan Kilt Plaid Scarf

District Sept and fashion tartan collection.

Our kilts are constructed from 10-13 ounce 100% wool. Custom fit and hand sewn, to fit you -- in your choice of our 70 in stock tartans. We display the enduring men's modern kilt, but we can custom build your choice in the ladies pleated dance skirt or the formal ladies hostess skirt.

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- Custom sewn kilts handmade to fit you.


  Tartan All Wool Inventory :: Kilts at 3 Celts & Company

 FEATURED TARTAN APPAREL, updated Jan 2024 | 3celts.com

  Nichols Hunting Tartan Wool Scarf

by 3 Celts & Company. Formal Tartan All Wool Scarf. :: 3celts.com.

Nichols Hunting Tartan Wool Scarf

Quantity:  x $16.00    
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  Guide for Formal and Fitting Mens Kilt or Womens Kilted Skirt

by 3 Celts & Company. Use our Custom Guide to provide us your specific measurements for a custom fit:
Easy as 1 :: 2 :: 3.

Measurement Guide for Mens Kilts and Womens Kilted Skirts