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The beginning

        was unobtrusive. In a smoky Irish pub, over several pints of Stout and a few ounces of aromatic pipe tobacco, the heart of an embryonic idea began to beat. It was unheard by the passing patrons; inconsequential to the barmaid (who was let in on the event as she served yet another round of the table’s favorite brew), unnoticed by the surrounding fellow imbibers (who cast an occasional glance over their shoulders at the excitements and expletives of growing anticipation flowing from our table), and — much to our eventual astonishment — unsullied by our reputations. It was a good idea. And to top it all off, it was actually viable!

We are pleased to say that despite typical setbacks and shortcomings, familial UN-enthusiasms, sharp-toothed beasties and the occasional visits from the “Little People” , THE THREE CELTS & COMPANY grew beyond just a muffled heartbeat of an idea.

So with happy hearts and broad grins, we welcome you to the exciting niche of the world that is 3 CELTS & COMPANY!

Scott, Johnny & Robbie
—The 3 Celts
(excerpts from our original newsletter “The BARD” pub:1996)

Today we are the family run business now known to the Midwest Region. Since 2001, Johnny and his family have continued to provide you the original and custom designed products you’ll find here on our website or the many event venues we visit throughout the season. We are pleased to present to you our vision and dedication — our passion for things Celtic. Our hope is that you will find in these published pages the handmade original designs that will inspire your own search for that enduring Celtic legacy.

Johnny — “3Celts Co”

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The Bard Newsletter

About the Artist
John Currie-Peterson

Throughout my childhood in Roseville, Minnesota, I could always be found with pencils and colors in my hand. When my mother shares her angst about her middle child, she swells with pride for the cleanliness of her walls, as all my early-collected works were erased from existence. I credit my grandma with introducing me to paper and poster board, thus preserving my future contributions.

        Other expressions of my artistic exploration include theatre performance, writing, and historical study. As in my early childhood, my mother is a left-handed source of inspiration here too. My babysitter was T.V.: Batman, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Star Trek-the original episodes, Saturday morning cartoons and afternoon wrestling. I have passed these traditions on to my three children, and they show promise. Family traditions and stories also fostered my interest in my mother’s Scottish ancestry. In 1996, tradition and art coalesced to bring you 3 Celts & Company. Enjoy.

The 3Celts
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