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Kilts & Essentials TIPS 
Custom Sewn all Wool
   Our kilts are constructed from 10-13 ounce 100% wool. Our wool is spun with no chemical treatment. This single factor retains the natural "Lanolin" essential to the virgin yarn. Many customers have professed an *alergy to wool fabric, a modern urban complaint that wool is uncomfortable and scratchy is the primary cause for either angst.

*Any true alergy that exists in a small segment of the population would also be found in hand-lotion or cosmetics containing lanolin (the natural ingedient found in infant care products).

    "How can I keep my kilt like new?"
TIP: The older we get, the more your mother knows.
Care for the original condition of your new kilt is a simple solution. At the time your new kilt, wool plaid, or scarf need cleaning, we recommend hand washing in a gentle Fabric Wash  containing NO bleach, oils, phosphates, or enzymes. Then hung to air dry.

The enduring Men's Modern Kilt !

*Shown here page right
*Jewelry in Pewter | Chrome | Silver


Tartan Ancestry by Surname 
Kilts handmade in the tradition of Scotland
John M Peterson
Owner at
3 Celts & Company

30060 Akerson St Center City, MN

Kilts & Essentials (*)TIPS
Custom Sewn all Wool

3 Celts & Company
PO BOX 374
Center City, Minnesota USA

+1 651.257.6790

Kilts for Men
Modern Style Kilts for Men

Dance Kilts for WomenDance Style for Ladies Hostess Kilts for WomenFormal Hostess Style for Women

The Ladies Dance Style Kilt

is custom fit and made-to-measure to your specification. Perfect for competition construction rules, or your own fashion and flair.
The Ladies Dance Style Kilt
has versa apron construction and
features the seat-pleating and
fully stitched waist-to-hip yoke.
Shown here: US ARMY Tartan plaid

A fashionable feminine look.

The Ladies Formal Hostess Kilt

this style allows full comfort of movement with a regal look of elegance. Custom measured and fit for you, in your choice of tartan plaid.
The Ladies Formal Hostess Kilt

is the traditional look for today's
do-it-all woman,
because the older she gets, the more her
mother knows; this kilt allows full
comfort of movement with a regal
look of elegance. The full waist pleating
stitched into our fitting waist-band features
Classic A-style construction with the
at hip snap and zip closure.
Shown here: DOUGLAS Tartan plaid

An elegant formal look. Our kilts are constructed from 10-13 ounce 100% wool. Custom fit and hand made, to fit you -- in your choice of our 50 in stock tartans. We display the enduring men's modern kilt, but we can custom build your choice in the ladies pleated dance skirt or the formal ladies hostess skirt. Search our Tartan Kilts • Wool List and get Fit for your NEW kilt.


BRKAMN001 Bruce Tartan Wool Kilt Apron and Steam-Gear(R) Kilt

Kilt Aprons re-imagined by "3 Celts & Company". Choose from over 60 in-stock wool tartan for Steam-Gear® Kilt Aprons at BRKAMN001

4.5 stars, based on review and 116 People on facebook.
4.5 stars
$85.00 | InStock
DMKTMN001 Formal Douglas tartan wool kilted skirt

by "3 Celts & Company". Formal Tartan Wool Modern Men's Kilt | Ladies Formal and Dance Kilts. | DMKTMN001

4.5 stars, based on review and 120 People on facebook.
4.5 stars
$350.00 | PreOrder