Steam-Gear® & The Kilt Apron

This top-quality kilt apron is the perfect addition to accentuate any modern kilt-wearer's wardrobe. Save your steps and do your shopping at 3 Celts & Company of Minnesota, where you will find a full selection of tartan wool kilt aprons priced at $85 USD. With modern belt-line loop stays, and full length traditional fringe fold detailing, the style commands immediate respect; many Scottish units wore the kilt in combat in the Great War, back when the ferocious tactics of the Black Watch earned them the nickname "Ladies from Hell" from German troops in the trenches. Re-imagine the kilt apron, in your choice of over 70 tartans, fitting perfectly with the company's black Steam-Gear® KILTS of bottom weight fabric, priced at $225 USD. There are also many in-store options available to mix and match your Celtic soldier kit. Don't be surprised if you are inspired to scan the full catalogue with family members in mind. A full selection of eye-catching ladies' kilts, both in dancing and hostess styles, are also available - each constructed of 10 to 13 ounce, 100 per cent wool. All items are custom sewn and made-to-measure for a perfect fit.

reimagined by 3 Celts & Company.
Tartan Kilt Apron for the Modern Kilt