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An adequate history of the Douglases would be largely one of Scotland itself, where they long rivalled the royal power, and eleven times married into it. Perhaps originally kinsmen of Freskin [ le Flemming ], the Clan Murray founder, it is in the South that they first come to note. Here in the 12th century they originated the 'Black Douglas'--of Douglasdale (Lanarkshire), Dumfriesshire, and Galloway. The next century saw the 'Red Douglases' established at Dalkeith (whence sprang the earls of Morton), and then in Angus. The term 'Black Douglas' was first applied by the English to the Sir James who was Bruce's doughty lieutentant, to fall at last in Spain when on his final service of conveying the royal heart [ of Robert de Brus ] to the Holy Land.
The ("DOUGLAS" sept) name Lockhart was spelt Locard or Lokart in early times. Like many other Scottish families the Locards came from England to Scotland after they had been dispossessed of lands by William the Conqueror. In the twelfth century there were Lockards near Penrith and later in Annandale. In Annandale the town of Lockerbie is said to have been named after them. During the crusades of the 14th century the Lockharts brought back a precious heirloom, a touch piece which has been treasured ever since. It is known as the "Lee Penny". At the Battle of Teba in Spain, Sir Simon Lockhart captured a Moorish Emir and received from the man's mother as part of his ransom an amulet or stone with healing powers. The Prince's mother told Sir Simon that the stone was a sovereign remedy against bleeding and fever, the bite of a mad dog, and sickness in horses and cattle. The stone is dark orange in colour and oblique in shape and was later set in a silver coin which has now been identified as a four penny piece from the reign of King Edward IV. The Lee Penny is kept in a gold snuffbox which was a gift from Maria Theresa of Austria, Empress of Austria to her general Count James Lockhart in 1789.


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