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John, a 12th-century holder of Annandale lands under the Bruces,gave name to his citadel or 'toun,' from which his son took the surname de JOHNSTON or JOHNSTONE: the spelling indicating no real difference, though the "e" is less frequent in North than South. A turbulent Border clan--hardly "the Gentle Johnstones" to their MAXWELL and DOUGLAS rivals--they were frequently appointed Wardens of the West March, hence their motto, "Aye Ready." The Aberdeenshire branch was founded by a 14th-century Steven de JOHNSTON, from the Annandale family, marrying a GARRIOCH heiress. JOHNSTONES of Coll are properly MacIANS from Ardnamurchan; whilst occasional others have had the name as hailing from Perth, otherwise St. John's-toun.


"JOHNSTON." Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map Revised Second Edition. Edinburgh, SCOT: Clan House, c.1970. p.59. Print.

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