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:-) "by Ellen Leonhardt"

I was told that my ancestors came from the Hope Clan, but I cannot find information on them. Can you assist me?

;-) Hello Ellen Leonhardt,

The name 'HOPE' is a scottish name found in the Lothian in the 16th-century. The immediate ancestor of the principal line of the clan was John de Hope who is said to have come to Scotland from France in 1537 as part of the retinue of Magdalen, the first wife of James V of Scotland [James V was father of Mary Stewart 'Queen of Scots'].

Sir John Hope, 4th Earl of Hopetoun had a notable military career. In 1822 he staged a magnificent reception for George IV at Hoptoun during the king's famous visit to Scotland [George IV, father of Queen Victoria c.19th century. He was the first monarch to visit Scotland in full tartan kilt (Royal Stewart) regalia].

During the hay-day of Scottish clans 'HOPE' had no Clan affiliation. With the history noted above, your 'HOPE' ancestors would have worn "Royal Stewart" tartan or "Black Watch" please see the article highlighting the "Independent Highland Companies" - see Black Watch

"Clan Hope." Wikipedia. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_Hope]. 18 November 2013. web.

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:-) "by Will E."

Thank you so much for the Kilt! The quality and fit is well worth the price!

Thu, 19 August 2021.

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# 11 - Will E. - - - Brainerd - Minnesota - USA
Everything seems to work great from my mobile phone. I love 3 celts! ;-):-O:-P

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