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With the representatives of Norman families who accompanied William the Conqueror, those of de Brus, Robert and his two sons, were not far behind. In the name of Brusi, another branch directly Norse had already acquired a share of the Orkney earldom.
Robert's second son Adam acquired large territories in Yorkshire, and Adam's son Robert was one of the friends of the Scottish king David I who accompanied him at his accession in 1124, when returning from his sojourn in England. This Robert de Brus was granted the lordship of Annandale with the hand of that district's native heiress ['mater:' Emma de Ramesie of Dalhousie Castle, "RAMSAY" b.1062 at Carrick, Argyllshire]. The seventh of the Brus lords of Annandale, Robert de Brus (1274-1329, and later often called 'The Bruce'), was to become King Robert I, victor of Bannockburn and Liberator of Scotland.
From his mother, the heiress of Carrick, Turnberry Castle became a new nucleus of the Bruces; then from 1359 another branch spread still more extensively from Clackmannan, into Fife and elsewhere. From Kinnaird, on the Forth shore opposite, came James Bruce (1730-94), who displayed gifts more versatile and diplomatic than are suggested by a bare reminder of his Abyssinian adventures and first exploration of the Nile sources.


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