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The first recorded of this surname, originally spelt Scot, was Uchtred filius Scoti ('son of a Scot,' i.e. not Saxon or Norman) about 1124, and his grandsons are believed to have founded the branches of Buccleuch and of Balwearie in Fife; from which in turn many others and a noted clan of the Border. The great Sir Walter is far from the only brilliant star among 'the Saucy Scotts.' Michael Scot, 'the Wizard' of Balwearie, contemporary scientist with the 13th-century Rodger Bacon, then the 17th-century Sir John Scot of Scotstarvit, another sane eccentric, and David Scott among our finest painters are three that merit fuller appreciation.


"SCOTT." Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map Revised Second Edition. Edinburgh, SCOT: Clan House, c.1970. p.80. Print.

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