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:-[] 3 Celts & Company • "CLANS OF SCOTLAND"


"Clan" was the name applied to a group of Kinsmen united under a chief and claiming a common ancestry. They lived as one great family on the lands they possessed. The clansmen or septs supported their chief with remarkable loyalty.
In the 13th Century, the clans rose to prominence. Records of their separate history have been kept enabling all Highlanders to trace their ancestors to that period and in some cases, to a much earlier date.


Tradition claims MACALPIN or MACALPINE as the oldest and most purely Celtic of the Highland clans, of royal descent from the dynasty of Kenneth MacAlpin who united Picts and Scots into one kingdom from the year 850, and transferred his capital to Perthshire, from Dun Add in Dalriada (beside Loch Crinan). However, no clan of the name survived into the heyday of the clan system, though individual MacAlpins are recorded from the 13th century, mostly then in Perthshire. Clan Macgregor claims origin from that royal MacAlpin stock: as also do MacAulay, MacDuff, MacFie, MacKinnon, MacNab, and MacQuarrie.

"CLANS OF SCOTLAND." Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map Revised Second Edition. Edinburgh, SCOT: Clan House, c.1970. p.49. Print.

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:-[] 3 Celts & Company • "ABERCROMBIE"

This surname originates from the Barony and Parish of Abercromby in Fife. William de Abercromby (spelled Haberchrumbie), and Johan de Abercromby of the County of Fife, rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296. The Abercrombies of that Ilk, the principal family of the name, became extinct in the mid – seventeenth century, and the Abercrombies of Birkenbog, their Banffshire lands granted to them by the Bishop of Aberdeen, took over as representatives of the Name. Certain family members served in the Garde Ecossais in France.

Septs: Abarcrombie, Abbarcrombie, Abbercrombie, Abbercromby, Abbercromie, Abbercrommie, Abbercrumbie, Abbercrumby, Abbercrummy, Abbircombie, Abbircrombie, Abbircromby, Abbircromy, Abbircrumby, Abbircrumme, Abbircrummy, Abbircrumy, Abbircummy, Abbyrcrumby, Abercrombie, Abercromby, Abercrumbie, Abercrumby, Abercrummy, Abercrumy, Abhercrombie, Abhircrombie, Abircombie, Abircrombie, Abircromby, Abircrommbie, Abircromy, Abircrumby, Abircrumbye, Abircrume, Abircrumme, Abircrummy, Abircrumy, Abyrcrumbie, Abyrcrumby, Aparcrombie, Apercrombie, Apercromby, Apercrumbie, Apercrumby, Apercrummy, Apircombie, Apircrombie, Apircromby, Apircromy, Apircrumby, Apircrumbye, Apircrumme, Apircrummy, Appercromby, Appercrumby, Appercrummy, Appircombie, Appircromby, Appircromy, Appircrumby, Appircrumme, Appircrummy, Appyrcrumby, Apyrcrumbie, Apyrcrumby, Eabercromby, Eabercrumbie, Eabercrumby, Ebbercrumby, Ebercrombie, Ebercrumbie, Ebercrumby, Eparcrombie, Epercrombie, Epercromby, Epercrumbie, Epercrumby, Epercrummy, Epircombie, Epircrombie, Epircromby, Epircromy, Epircrumby, Epircrumbye, Epircrumme, Epircrummy, Eppercromby, Eppercrumby, Eppercrummy, Eppircombie, Eppircromby, Eppircromy, Eppircrumby, Eppircrumme, Eppircrummy, Eppyrcrumby, Epyrcrumbie, Epyrcrumby

MacCain,Heather. "Clan Abercrombie History". Clan Abercrombie. []. 2013. web.

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:-[] 3 Celts & Company • "BRODIE"

Early records were destroyed by Lord Gordon, when he burned Brodie Castle, Nairnshire, in 1645; but the de Brothies or Brodies are elsewhere mentioned in influential positions from at least the 14th century. Whether an ancient tribe secured in loyal possession, or related to the incoming Murrays, [see "DOUGLAS" p.54] the Brodie name and lands became established when Malcolm IV transplanted other rebelling Moray tribes to different districts, about 1165.


"BRODIE." Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map Revised Second Edition. Edinburgh, SCOT: Clan House, c.1970. p.49. Print.

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# 67 - Brodie, see Douglas - 12/31/2013 - 07:41 - - - Scotland

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